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To me, to you, to me, now you… Manoeuvring mattresses through doors, up stairways and into lifts isn’t easy, even with a buddy. And if you’re doing it solo? Forget it. That’s why they use high-tech squashing machines to compress our mattresses into a convenient, easy-to-handle box. 

How Does A Mattress Fit In A Box?

Good question. Our foams are heat-treated to expand to five times their height. They’re then sliced, stacked and squished by our hydraulic press before being wrapped and rolled tight to fit in our boxes.


Manuka Queen Mattress Medium

  • - Brand New!

    - Customer pick up available

    - Delivery within Wellington Area $80.00

    - Delivery outside Wellington $120.00

    Delivery within Wellington Area customers can combine multiple items under one charge.

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